Monday, November 30, 2015

3 in 1 Prayer


My new companion, Elder Clawson has right now about 18 days in the mission. It's going pretty good here. This week we visited these old ladies which live just above our house. They wear this white bandana on their heads for some reason. Anyways they are really sweet. We taught them and a visitor they had about the gospel of Christ. How we need faith, repentance, baptism, the gift of the holy ghost, and we need to endure to the end to receive the gift of eternal life. They understood and we were able to feel the spirit. Helping us know what to say and helping them understand. Anyways I asked the brother to say the closing prayer. He started sitting down then moved to a kneeling prayer in the middle of it. The two old ladies with white rag hats started chanting also while moving to a kneeling prayer. SO there it was. Three people chanting to Heavenly father simultaneously. The three-in-one prayer went on for a good 5 minutes. I got to wondering if they would ever stop so I just started to say my prayer out loud and made sure to end it with, "in the name of Jesus Christ, amen" so everyone could hear. When I ended they burst out into "AMEN, HERMANO AMEN HALLELULIA!" It was an interesting experience. I learned a few things. I've got to explain how to pray before I ask them. I assumed they knew how to because they are religious. So we've got a topic for the next lesson. PRAYER. 
People are coming out of the woodwork! An investigator got married! We went to his wedding held in the church. When he gave his speech he said it was a step towards being baptized. He put a ring on it and we put a baptismal date on it. He is a great guy named Christian. He's from Jersey. He speaks English really well and he is a really good man. We are very blessed. Before I felt like I wasn't seeing the fruits of my labors. This past few weeks I have been seeing the and tasting those fruits. Its a great feeling to be on the front row of the show. Seeing lives change! Seeing the power of the Atonement of Christ working. I love helping people be more happy! I'm happy because they are happy. I love the Lord. My love for Him and my brothers and sisters is the best reason to be out here. The thing everyone needs is truth. The Doctrine of Jesus Christ is truth. How blessed we are to be in the true church with the true doctrine.
Spirit up! Its hard to have the spirit when we are afraid! Faith is the answer. Tell me about something funny that happend this coming week! And tell me something spiritual.
Elder Neifert

Monday, November 23, 2015


Hey i got the package! I got it last week. THANK YOU! I just loved everything that you sent! You read my mind with the socks and all! The best way to enjoy a package is to share! I have been sharing all of it with my companion.
This week was really great! We are helping a young man named Avisai get baptized this weekend. He is 18 and he has changed a bunch. I remember when I first got here we went to his house Elder Lauro and I. He didn't want anything to do with the church. He never joined us in the lessons to teach his aunt and he never came to church. Really its a miracle to see how far he has come. Now we talk about serving a mission and really it is something really possible for him. I am amazed at how his desires have changed. His heart has really turned toward the Lord. He has repented of things like all of us need to do and has moved on to new and better things. I'm reading the New Testament right now and I love the story of the woman who is caught committing adultery. The mob brings her to Christ asking what do we do with this woman? By the law of Moses says we should stone her. He says, "He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone." Nobody is without sin, but Jesus, so they left. He tells the woman "Go and sin no more." He invites her to repent telling her he doesn't condemn her. She hadn't repented so he invited her to do so. Like the Apostles or like John the Baptist I've got to call people to repentance. Only as I do the same thing. I cant teach it if I don't live it. 
One thing that my companion and I are doing is we are being different! There are tons of missionaries which do the same contacts, say the same thing, or they follow the crowd of missionaries in many ways. From of working, or planning what they do everyday or going through the motions. Like a good Halloween costume - you've got to be different. Many times maybe we follow the crowd, but we have felt that we should change some things. Visiting members everyday, talking with everyone. Giving out copies of The Book of Mormon everyday. I think we will be see the fruits of our labors in the coming weeks. If not we will change our form of working again. Its awesome! I'm excited to see how this week goes.
I know the Savior Lives. I feel like He stands shoulder to shoulder with me as I suffer. Because He suffered it and knows how to succor me. I know He loves his sheep here. As I remember how much He loves them I am humbled to be here in the mission. I listen to a talk from Elder Packer saying that sometimes the Lord doesn't intend for us to succeed. What He wants is for us to sacrifice. The outcome is what it is sometimes. When you work hard to talk with tons of people and nobody wants to listen it stinks, haha, but many times I don't know the outcome. For instance Avisai. I didn't know or think he would change. But he did.
The church is true and built upon Christ. Not a beautiful building (which we just got). The priesthood is the power of God and the church has it. The keys and the power.

I love ya! Keep on reading. Sometimes I get pretty excited when I read. Its kinda weird. I never thought I would get to into the scriptures! Its something that the Lord has blessed me with. 
Elder Neifert

Monday, November 16, 2015

New Companion: Elder Clawson

Dear Mom,
My new companion is Elder Clawson! He is from Ogden, Utah.   Elder Clawson is very, very humble. He is a little quiet but he really listens. He's working on his Spanish with me. We are learning a lot together. One thing that I've learned form Elder Clawson is how strong a simple testimony can be. I'm not a super good teacher. I have some mistakes but I've seen how a simple conviction of what you say and do can really help bring the spirit and help people see that the gospel is something that I know. That I know through personal experience that is true. 
Wow! That's pretty awesome you guys got to go to a game!!!!!! (His parents and sister went to a BYU football game) They played in Kansas City. I hope it turned out to be a good game! That must have been your first game which you've been to in a few moons. Did they sing the "Rise and Shout the Cougars are Out" song? That song came to my mind last Monday and another Elder who was from Utah sang it with me because I only remembered "rise and shout the cougars are out...."
This week was full of good ups and learning experiences. I never thought I would miss Elder Lopez! Its super weird. He was a really good guy. At the beginning of our 4 and half months together I just didn't see it. He wrote in my journal and what he wrote has helped me through the changes that happen in the mission. Really he is one of my best friends in the mission I'd say. 
Anyways this week we had a baptism! We finally were able to baptize Avisai. It was a really great experience. A lot of people came to the service. We had to put off the baptism a few times but it was worth is to wait. It was a really great experience. I feel like Avisai will be a great active member. He plans to go on a mission! He has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday and has been becoming more and more converted despite the adversity. We were able to help him join the church with the help of the Spirit. We couldn't have done anything alone by our own efforts. I just cant wait to see what the future holds for Avisai! He will be able to leave on a mission while I'm still out!
I think something that has help me back is fear. We had interviews with Presidente this week and he asked me what kept me from progressing. I told him fear. Sometimes I get caught up in what I will teach or what I will do and it sometimes causes feelings of worry, anxiety, and fear. So that's something that I've been taking out of my system. Fear and faith can be in my mind at the same time. So I've been saying my affirmation! I remember saying it everyday in the car on the way to seminary with dad. Its helped me to be more confident and remember who I am. 
I got to here the testimonies of the Elders going home. I love how simple their words were. The best testimonies I heard were about true things. The Book of Mormon, the first vision, the gospel, the church. etc. I could feel that what they were saying was true. It was really great spiritual experience. 
I know the church is true. I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is truth. I know the Book of Mormon is true contains the fullness of the Gospel! It was written and translated with our day in mind. God loves us and keeps us safe. We have his promise when we do what he says. I know that my mission president is called of God, with the keys to be here directing the work. I love Jesus Christ. I know he loves me. I have faith that he lived and died for me. I have faith that obeying the commandments and covenants with bring me joy! I know I'm here for a reason in the mission. I know I'm a child of God. I bear my testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Elder Neifert

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cemetary Duty

Ho hola,
This was awesome! Sorry I didn't write yesterday we had a change of p-day because we had to take turns of Dead Guy Duty. Instead of celebrating Halloween the people here celebrate the day of the dead. Everybody goes to the cemetery (which is a stones throw away from our house) and they paint the graves and decorate with fake flowers! It turned out to be pretty awesome. As we planned out where we would put our table we talked with the Caldia or the Department of the City - haha (I think that is what you would call it). We talked with this super funny guy, Eric from Costa Rica who works there. Apparently the elders have talked with him before because he bent over and backwards to help us get the things we need. We didn't pay him either. Anyway he drove us to the cemetery one day to scout our the scene and to everyone that we passed in the street he said, "I'm with the elders, I'm going with the elders. Come and meet them" haha. It was pretty great. Anyways he gave my companion and I a speech about why I should send him money to buy a new car. bahaha I know he was just joking because we laughed about it. At the end he said jokingly, "You will remember me when you go home. You will say, aw I helped so many people but I've got to back and help Eric. You will come back Elder Neifert and you will ask for me but I will be dead." Haha, I thought it was pretty funny. He's a great guy and he reminds me of my old boss at the YMCA. He just talks and gets along with everyone.
Anyway, lets get down to the needy greety. The activity was great. Lots of people were there Sunday and Monday. We were there almost all day Monday. A few members helped out handing out cards and pamphlets of family history. It was a good duty. Bringing the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to their fathers. We have a bunch of references now to look for and finally teach. I'm pretty excited to see the fruits of the seeds we planted!
Harvesting what we planted. Lots of people don't know where they come from and explaining that they could easily find out (and that it was free) really caught their attention.
Something that brought me joy this week was that I felt like we found people the Lord had planned for us to find. That's a pretty rewarding feeling. That same night when we found a good 5 solid people to teach I saw a comet! It shot across the sky and disappeared. I didn't wish for anything but I got showered by a little star dust. 
 That's great Ryan's coming home! WOOhoo! It doesn't seem like it has been 2 years because it goes by pretty fast. When does Amanda get home!? Its got to be pretty soon as well.
I love you, Thanks for writing me and telling me about your life! I love the pictures that you send! I've got to find a way to download them! haha 
Spirit up,
 Elder Neifert