Monday, August 31, 2015

Elder Nelson Visits El Salvdor

Hello Hooville!
Woohoo this week was a scorcher too. Its been hot here since day 1. I think that I won't be feeling cold while I'm here.  I don't know how much in Fahrenheit but its like between 35 and 40 Celsius. It's a beautiful place!  I've been giving ties to people in the ward who don't have ties! Some of them just don't use a tie. But at least they have one! I still have a bunch!  (he asked for donations in ties to take with him before he left on his mission)
I really don't know what I need. I'm really alright on everything. Maybe a pair of socks. I like socks, but Mom I'm doing great. I've got what I need over here.
It was just the area in our ward so now we will be the only ones in the ward. Our area is the ward boundaries.
This is what I ate today! They call it a papusa loca. I has beans, chicken, cheese, and jalapeno. Its was really rico! 
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This week was a really good one. Wednesday we went to the Temple with just about half of the missionaries in the Mission. I was really awesome. There is so much that I can learn there. It's a really special place. We also had a baptism on Wednesday! The baptism of Jesus Hernandez. Believe it or not there are a ton of people named Jesus or Savior here. The baptismal service was really good. The primary sang, the relief society sang, and Jesus gave his testimony after his baptism. He is the investigator that had a dream about the Book of Mormon. He's progressed a lot this past month and has been going to church without us calling or stopping by to bring him. Instead he gets to church 30 minutes early so he can be there to greet people.
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This week we also had the privalege to have a meeting with President Russell M Nelson on Friday with all of the three missions in El Salvador present. Around 600 missionaries and an Apostle of Jesus Christ. I was able to sing the the mission choir during the conference. How firm a Foundation - All 7 verses. It was really powerful. We sat on the stand right behind Russell M. Nelson and while we sang he turned around and looked at us from his knees. It was a feeling and experience I wont forget. He also shook our hands. I shook his hand! I told him is was nice to meet him, my name, and where I am from. And he said to me, "Bless your heart." What he said was nice but really his eyes caught my attention. As I looked into his eyes I thought about what he has seen with his eyes. Maybe, probably his eyes have seen the Savior. It was a blessing to hear him speak and hear an apostles witness of the Savior, Jesus Christ. One of the things he said was that the biggest accomplishment a man or woman can achieve is father or motherhood. He talked of marriage a little and of the Abrahamic covenant. He said, "I'm excited every morning to wake up and see what's happening with the gathering of Israel." As missionaries and disciples of Christ we are fulfilling the covenant made with Abraham 4000 years ago. I felt the spirit as he talked and I felt the spirit as we sang the closing hymn "Oh Savior stay this night with me". It was so powerful! My testimony and my faith was definitely strengthened through that experience.
I love you! I know there are true apostles of Jesus Christ on the Earth! How exciting it is to be here in the last days and to be apart of the work.

Monday, August 24, 2015

"How can I be Baptized?"

This week was a good one. We got a bigger area. There use to be two pairs of missionaries in the ward, but now its just me and Elder Lopez. So our part of the vineyard just doubled in size! It's a good opportunity to talk to new people and find lots more to teach. We are preparing our investigadores for baptism. Jesus Hernandez will be baptized this Wednesday! And a lot of our investigatores went to church. We have found and will continue to find prepared people. This work is pretty exciting! Lots of good people here who need what we have. One person we found named Selia asked us a question that took me back a little. She asked how she could be baptized! That was the first time anyone has said that to me. She's reading the Book of Mormon, and looking to support her family in ways beyond food and shelter. Its one of the tender mercies I've seen this week. Really there are a lot of little tender mercies that have come from the Lord-so many. I gave a talk yesterday and I prepared every word I would say. I got up to speak and I didn't look down once to see my notes. Just to read the scriptures. I talked about the significance of the prodigal son, the missionary objective, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a thrilling experience to be prepared to talk and feel the spirit even though I was a little nervous before. Prior to getting up to talk I offered a simple prayer to help me say what He would have me say, and to comfort me as I talked. It was a testimony builder that He answers my prayers and He comforts me and makes up for my shortcomings. I know there is a God. Every time I look up at the sky I'm amazed at how beautiful and organized everything is. It didn't just happen. Everything is organized with laws. Its what keeps everything in balance. 
Elder Neifert

Monday, August 10, 2015

David Ayala's Baptism

 I saw someone with a small guitar case and asked if it was a ukulele but it was some other type of instrument. I don't know if I will find one to be able to sing "How can I Be". But if I can't find a uke I will try to learn on the harmonica. I would love that mom! Thank you! But I have been singing! I'm in a mission choir that's preparing to sing for a general authority that will come on the 22. Rumor has it that it be Elder Bednar or Elder Holland.  But I also sang for the baptism of David Ayala and also for sacrament meeting yesterday! I think my voice has changed since I haven't sung in choir for a while.  

 Rebekah! What are your classes like and who are your teachers? Tell me about what you're up to sister Friend! Parkway North is a good place and really there are teachers there that care about your well being which is pretty awesome. Like Mrs. McCorkle or Mr. Johnson, or Mrs. Spanish teacher I forgot her name but it starts with a "t"! There's a lot more. But if I were to do High School over again I would have studied harder! I  I would try to share my testimony more. (READ MY SCRIPTURES AND PRAY EVERY NIGHT) Really it was hard to do that but God loves us and he can talk to us and instruct us through the scriptures. And a simple prayer can change your day. Rebekah I love you! I pray for you every night. I know God loves you more than you can imagine.

We baptized David Ayala! and he's really starting to be more and more auto sufficient. Days after his baptism, we passed by this house and he was inside SHARING THE GOSPEL! We taught him and his neighbor Rafael. Really this is the best was to do missionary work - through the members. In this change we found some good people that came from references the members had for us! Really teaching the friends of the members helps the members and their friends.   They get excited about the gospel and they can find joy in helping someone join the Kingdom of God on earth.

Monday, August 3, 2015

E-mail to his Sister

 I've had the thought of writing in my journal lately! I wrote every night in the MTC, but in the field I haven't written at all. I will start today! And I will tell ya all about it.

Yes, I do love to dance on my bed! (his sister and nieces were having a dance which the niece stopped mid dance move and told her mom "Uncle Aaron likes to dance on his bed, mom!")
I bet that was fun! This past week I was eating at a members house and they have two little girls who look just like E and E. It made me think about you guys.

A thought came to my mind - a solution for someone who struggling is reading the scriptures personally. If they do that, they can have a stronger testimony and can receive guidance in turbulent times.  That's how the investigators change their hearts, by feasting on the words of Christ. We had this investigator who was ready for baptism but she doesn't like to read. She's turned down time and time again opportunities to read. Its also one of the factors in menus actives (less actives). 1- they don't go to church, and 2 - almost one hundred percent they aren't reading The Book of Mormon.

I love you,

Elder Neifert