Monday, December 21, 2015

It was there. I felt it.

"Ohhhhh what a beautiful morning oh what a beautiful day!" HAHA Seth left me one of his cards he used on his mission and it has that on it. SETH, BY THE WAY I LIKE YOUR CARDS A LOT. They are great tools to remember important things. Bueno pueessss. There is good news - we baptized this week! and confirmed him! His name is Christian and yes he is Christian. He is a way awesome man. He hails from JERSEY. He speaks English pretty well. So we taught him the lessons in English. It all happened so fast. There have been years and years of missionaries working with Christian. He had a few difficulties so he just never wanted to be baptized. He got married and then the same day set his own baptismal date. He was a prepared man. That in itself is a testimony that the Lord is preparing the hearts of men. There are some good people progressing in our area. The Hernandez family came to church. They came! We taught them the doctrine and they lived it! I love that.  I felt the spirit in the confirmation of Christian. I finished the first set part of the ordinance and when I came to give a blessing I didn't know what to say. Then words just started to come out from my mouth. I love what Seth wrote me the other day saying he wished he would have fasted more. That letter came in to my mind on Friday so I had fasted to have the spirit during the confirmation. It was there. I felt it. I happy that I was able to feel that and be apart of that experience. Fasting and prayer works! 
I love you guys! I hope you get to see the great new videos of Christ's birth the church has.

Elder Neifert

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