Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Last week in the CCM

Hola familia!

Its so good to email you guys! I love hearing what's going on and your testimonies. Wow! Rebekah's going to be a woman when I get back! I remember my 8th grade graduation. So long ago... but I remember it pretty well. I love hearing those stories of listening to the holy ghost. I've noticed its really hard to listen to the holy ghost for me when I'm talking or preoccupied. I guess sometimes I  feel like someone is putting words in my mouth, but for the most part it's when I'm not talking.  That makes me really happy that my friends asked about me! I wish I had some wicked adventurous stories to share, but I haven't been out in the world the past 5 weeks. There hasn't been too much stuff going on in the CCM just the same stuff everyday. Read, study, listen, teach, role play.

BUT I AM HEADING OUT ON TUESDAY! Can I get a "Smolioli. Smolioli smolioli smolioli......" (From a favorite movie growing up)

I'm getting pretty excited to get out there. Theres a good amount of missionaries going to San Salvador este. Im the only North American going there, but there's a good amount of latinos going.
So we got a new district. Our district name is Moroni. We've got 8 elders and 2 sisters in our district. Probably my favorite missionaries in our district are Elders Zapata and Villalobos. Both
from MEXICO! What what! They are both converts and they are pretty good examples of how anyone can change. They both have been through tough stuff, but they've delt with it and done a 180. My new companion is Elder Flores form Gilbert Arizona. He doesn't know the Wards, sadly.

This week I've learned how important it is to stick to the basics while teaching. The people we will be teaching may say they know all about the gospel and God but what my teachers have been saying is they really don't. So while teaching we need to give the simple doctrine over a period of time. Not just sharing all that you know with them in one sitting. They will learn and retain more if the message is direct, short, and to the point. This week I have also learned that I don't know as much Spanish as I thought. Since we are in a new district with all latinos the clases are all in Spanish. No Ingles. nunca.
So sometimes during class the teacher will ask a question and I think I know what they are asking so I raise my hand. I give my answer. And I answered a completely different question... usually in the same ball park, but a little off. I think my Spanish has improved from last time I talked to you guys though. It's going to be a while before I make it all the way with Spanish though. I love you guys!

 I will have to send pictures when I write next since I will have my camera when I leave the CCM. I
am however not sure if i will be able to write next week. I leave early in the morning but I hope when I get to the mission home I will be able to at least send a quick email.

I love your guts!

Heavenly Father blesses us through our faith.
The more faith, the more miracles.

I love you guys.             

Elder Neifert

He attached this photo of the Elders and Sisters at the CCM. Can you find him??         

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