Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Placing his first Book of Mormon

It was really good to hear your voices! It seems like Rebekah has changed a lot. I think she's just growing up. She sounds like a mujer (woman)! Bahahaha Who are the elders in the ward? Is it still Elder Hess and Elder Whetton? They are some pretty funny guys.

That's one thing I like - eveybody needs more faith. Its the first principle of the gospel. If the investigators or we dont have faith, it's hard to act like Christ and its hard to recognize answers without it. Faith to endure, when things are hard is something I've got to practice and learn pretty quick.

Today all of the Elders in the CCM left for their missions. So its just Hermana Powers, Elder Gneiting and me in the whole building. Well we are the only missionaries. So what do you do
when youre the only ones in the CCM? First I got to put all my clothes in any washer I wanted, I had privacy while I was in the shower singing, I got to collect about 10 hangers people left behind, I inherited a tie, a little baby plant and we got all three fans in our room. There isn't air conditioning in our bedrooms so it can get pretty hot some nights. The fans help a lot. Aaaannnnd I've got 50 pamphlets stashed up from all the missionaires. Since its our P-day us three
went to the temple this morning.

 We also got to go to the city. I placed my first Book of Mormon! It was a pretty solid feeling. We went to the city plaza right in the center of town. People are kinda just chillin' everywhere. My companion goes to the first person he sees and that lesson went okay. We gave him a Book of Mormon, but he just didn't seem very interested. Then we went accross the plaza and I saw this
guy with a crutch just sitting down. I just felt like I should talk to him. After I decided I should talk to him I logically thought about my choice, and I thought 'well he can't run away too fast without hearing some stuff if he decides to leave'. Anyways, lets get down to the nitty-gritty. We started talking to him out God and what he believes in and then we introduced the Book of Mormon. We had him read a few sentences in the introduction of the LOM (Book of Mormon in Spanish is "el Libro de Mormon" or LOM). We talked about it being another testament to Jesus Christ and then he brought up a scripture in the Bible that talks about how we shouldnt take away or add to the Bible. We just didn't know how to solidly answer his question well enough in Spanish, so we kinda beat around the bush. I could tell he was still pretty sceptical about the LOM and if we left he probably wouldn't look
at the book.  Right when we were about to close by inviting him to read a woman holding this book comes and sits next to him. She starts explaining about Joseph Smith and and then she starts sharing
her conversion story and how cool the LOM is and his heart was softened. She shared a passge from her book which was some type of chuch literature book. It was pretty awesome. When she was done he gave us his name his address and his telephone. We testified really quick after she was done leaving him with a LOM and split. That lady saved us though. I can garuntee he wouldnt have given us his name and his address if she hadn't talked to him and shared her story. It was a blessing from God. No doubt. It was one of the coolest things thats happened to me since being here. Especially bacause these people we were teaching today are real! They are not our CCM teachers dressed in
a t-shirt.

The spirit is real. The feeling I had was so subtle. But it was still there. God loves all his children. I can only imagine the joy he has when seeing us do good things, and helping others along the
way.  I love you guys! I think that letter will make it. No worries! Keep on keeping on.

PS send me some awesome us president quotes. Or
just other stuff that's really inspirational. Via email. Gracias! And
ask me questions if you want to know something specific.

Elder Neifert

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