Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A More Effective Missionary

Well this week was a change (transfers). There were a lot of changing things happening. I got a new companion -
Elder Lopez, from Guatemala, Quetsaltenago (or something like that). He's a good guy. Apparently he played semi professional soccer in Guatemala. We will see if he was lying or not today because were going to play after we are done writing. He's happy and I think we are going to learn a lot from each other and help some good people this change. He's new to this area so he doesn't know the people or the city. That means I've got to teach him. So it's been different to plan who we will teach and where we will go all by myself. It will get easier once I get some more practice. He speaks next to zero English which is super good. I'm going to learn a lot of Spanish this change. We have been working on finding new people to teach. This was what we've been doing - talking with lots of people and trying to teach them in their homes while asking for their references. We've found some people to teach! I have some good faith that some of them will be baptized in the future. We are going to find even more this coming week. Hey, if you have ideas of how we can work with and invite the members to help us out I love to hear what maybe the missionaries in our ward are doing and ideas you have.
One thing that I've notice about my companion is he knows a lot of scriptures and things about the gospel. I've started to make plans and ideas to use my time as a missionary more effectively. I've got a set plan for the mornings and the nights so I can study the scriptures more. I think that good habits can really help me in my mission - learn more, be more happy, and be more effective. These things don't come in one month like I'd like them to. I've got to consistently try and learn more. One thing I love to study about is Joseph Smith. There are so many testimony building facts and stories about his life. Maybe I won't share all of the stories with my investigators or anyone, but they've helped me feel more converted. One of the biggest conversion changers for me however is The Book of Mormon. I know it's true and I know anyone can become close to God if they read and apply the principles in their lives. It is the most correct book in the world, and there aren't many people who know it exists. 
I love you!


Tell Grandma Pam "Happy Birthday" for me!

Wow! I just realized your summer is almost over! What have you guys done for fun in the sun!?

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