Monday, July 6, 2015

The Lord Works Through People

We had a few investigators a church, but I'd like to have more. They can't be baptized if they don't come to church.

I kinda like to clean. Saturday I was sweeping and mopping our floors. I've found it's something that helps me relieve stress and have a clean, more spirit worthy place to learn. 
 One thing that I like about the people here - They don't need much. Almost everyone has a tv with cable, but besides that they don't have all the amenities and digerydoos that we have.

Pretty neat that everyone believes in God and Jesus Christ. EVERYONE. Almost everyone has a church too.

I haven't been able to find a ukulele, but I sang in the mission President's home the first day in the field. I can't remember why I did that, but I sang Nearer My God to Thee. I think I could sing more. We sometimes sing hymns during lessons with this old man who is house ridden  - Hermano
Santiago. He was my first lesson in the field. We sing during every lesson with him. He is a really good man. I want to send a picture of him, but I really haven't used my camera too much. I have only taken it out on Mondays to send what I have, but I haven't taken any more pictures... I will work on that for next week. I bought a small solid harmonica last p-day (preparation day - when they shop, do email, etc). I've been fiddling a little with that. There's a missionary from Oklahoma that can get down with the harmonica with the best of 'em. So I'm going to ask him to help me start. I've got the whole set up. An elder who is going home gave me a hammock. So I've been practicing my harmonica in my hammock. I'm pretty excited to learn who to play that and join the harmonocans group in town.
The work this week was really good. We've got some good investigators with baptismal dates who are reading the Book of Mormon and beginning to change. We have changes this Wednesday and we've got a good amount of people that could be baptized this coming change. We found one of these people yesterday. We were visiting with a Hermana on her front porch because she was a little busy and we couldn't have a full lesson. So we left her a copy of lesson 1 to read a pray about. We couldn't visit with her more, but she told us we could visit her neighbor. The Lord works through other people because when we knocked a girl about 18 opened the door and started to cry a little as we told her who we were and why we are here. We knocked on her door right as she and her mom were talking about how she need to trust in God and remember Jesus Christ. She was ready to receive us. During the lesson she was crying a little about some trials she's going through and some questions that she has. We introduced the Book of Mormon and explained how the Book of Mormon has the answers she needs and the comfort she is looking for. So we will see how her reading goes this week. I'm excited to see what happens with the mom and daughter. They are good people, and they were prepared. They still have their agency (the ability to choose). That's one thing that I've learned. Everyone has agency to accept or reject the gospel. Maybe everyone won't accept the gospel, but they should all have the opportunity. I would like to see these people after this life and have them say, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to accept the gospel. Not "hey why didn't you talk to me?  I was waiting for you." The spirit is extremely important to know what to say and what to do because these people need the gospel. With the direction of the spirit we can say something that softens their heart, we can do something that helps them open their door to us. Without the spirit we can't do much.
So this next change we've got some good people to work with. But I will be getting a new companion. I will know on Wednesday who it it. So I will be in San Marcos Colonial ward, but with a new companion. I am excited to see who it is, but Elder Lauro was super good. He can really gain the confidence of the people.
By the way I got your letter last Monday! Thank you! I was good to have a paper letter. For the package, I'm pretty set with what I need. 
I love you Mom. I missed the fireworks. They didn't have a party or anything special for the 4th of July. It was a little sad, but surprisingly people wore USA shirts.

You are loved,
Elder Neifert

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