Monday, September 14, 2015

1 Day Old Nicole

Ho ho hola!
This week was a good one. Apparently I am getting fatter. Go figure. A couple of members in the ward hear have said to me,"Wow Elder Neifert you are getting more fat!" Other missionaries have told me the same thing. I really don't think so. If it's happening it's because of the papusas. They are super good, and super fattening. I'm turning into a Salvadoreno, eating everything with my hands, talking with my hands, and getting nice and plump. 
This week I had a really awesome spiritual experience. I had an interchange with our district leader. So I went to his area and his companion went with my companion in our area. I got to go up in the mountains and see the beach from a far off. But what was much more satisfying was that we were able to visit a family with a brand new baby that had just been born the day before. We just stopped by to talk a little - getting to know them and sharing a message from the Book of Mormon. Throughout this lesson with them I had the strong impression that we should give the baby a blessing. This happened a good 5 times during about 10 minutes of talking. Finally just knowing and having the courage to do what the spirit directed, I asked if they would like us to give the day old baby a blessing. The parents said it would be okay, so I laid my hands on sleeping Nicole's head and gave a blessing. It was by far the most satisfying experience this week. Being able to bless someone who was so small, innocent and pure, who had just the day before been in the presence of our Heavenly Father. As we left their home my district leader said he had the same impression during the lesson. So we shouldn't doubt the spirit! Have the courage to act on what He directs. I'm glad the spirit is here to guide me. Or I would be lost. There is so much joy that I found helping other people. Its so satisfying to know that you have done what the Lord wanted you to do as directed by the spirit. I love the Lord, I love this work and I love the people here!
I love you guys, spirit up!
Elder Neifert

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