Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Not about the Numbers

Greetings Family,
I just finished reading ALMA TOO! Wow, Moroni just blows away my mind. How mad he gets defending what he loves. How Teancum kills the king in his sleep, but he dies in the process. I think I might read in English the next time so more can sink into my brain.
I did see Parker Hendrix at the multi-mission! I accidentally called him Parker..... It just slipped out of my mouth. He's from the Santa Ana mission, I believe, in El Salvador.
I'm really grateful for what you guys are doing behind the scenes. I recognize that maybe you can't measure some of the things we do in numbers and statistics. But the Lord knows. It's something that my companion and I have noticed this week. We count lessons. We count how many new investigators. How many invitations to the church. We then report those numbers and more every night. But some things we can't count. Like testimony, faith, service, showing love and much more. I've been so happy to not only have good numbers this week, but really do some things that the district leader won't know, that nobody in the mission will know. Maybe its just my companion and I or maybe its just the Lord and I. We've helped a lot of people this week. On our way back from church we helped a blind man get to his house. We went to go visit some members who were sick. I remember the quote you sent me from Thomas S. Monson saying that we shouldn't let our purpose keep others from feeling love. Really the numbers don't matter. Its been a really quick week. I think because of the service and the joy we felt honoring our covenant at baptism and our covenant we made taking the sacrament, taking upon ourselves His name.
Our mission President is really awesome. He came to our District meeting and talked to us about what really is doctrine and how we can help people understand that the doctrine isn't ours - personally ours. John 7:16 17. It's His. And when people understand whose it is, they feel they should do things because He is inviting, not just two missionaries.
I love you! I cant wait to hear from you next week. I will keep and eye out for the package. Thank YOU!
Elder Neifert

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