Monday, October 5, 2015

No Transfer

Things are going pretty well here in El Salvador. We got a call last night about the next change or the next 6 weeks and my companion and I are going to be together again this next transfer! Woohoo! Its been raining a lot here. Yesterday we look to see the lunar eclipse but the clouds were in the way so we didn't get to see it! I hope you guys got to.
Sometimes I've felt like I should have changes. Like I've been in my area a long time, but I read a talk from the June Liahona. I feel like lots of missionaries have thought the same thing. Waiting for the call and knowing that your going to have changes because it makes sense. I've been in my area a long time - 4 and half months. Or I've had the same companion for 3 months, but I think there's something else that I've got to do here before I leave. There is a door that I need to knock or someone including my companion that I need to learn from. Its a humbling experience to see that what I thought was obvious, "I've been here for 4 and a half months. I've got to be changed," Is not what He has planned for me. Knowing that I'm praying that I can find out why I'm here. Sometimes its a little daunting to think and remember, I represent Christ. All the people in my area are depending on me. Heavenly Father has a plan for me and Have I DONE IT? I think my brain has been on overload.
Some days its a little hard. I've found that missionary work is pretty hard. Elder Jeffery R. Holland puts it, in a strong convincing voice, "Salvation was NEVER a cheap experience. It was never easy for HIM. Why should it be easy for us?" In one way or another we've got to pay a token. If it can even be called a token of what He paid. I love when he says that when the missionaries feel discouraged they feel all that insufficiency that I've felt trying in my imperfect way to help others come unto Christ, that we are "walking shoulder to shoulder with HIM." I've found myself in some pickles of being discouraged.  So I guess that's what I've been learning. I don't need to be discouraged. Those feelings just take away from my faith.
I read this really awesome talk called tasting the light. In this talk he mentions really how blessed we are to live in these the latter days when the spirit has been truly been manifested more than maybe any other dispensation. Really he explains that faith is so much more rich without sight. There are so many examples of people experiencing the glory of God with their senses. That's not good enough on so many occasions. The Israelites, being led by a cloud by day and a cloud of fire by night, receiving manna, receinving water... Laman and Lemuel, with all the experiences they had. So where do we recieve conviction how can we be converted? The Holy Ghost!
Someone who's inspired me this week is an Elder who is going home in three days, Elder Clark. He's in my district and he's been a really good friend and example to me of a disciple of Christ. You can just see through his eyes and his actions his testimony. He has true intent. Not like a Pharisee!  I believe its Mathew 23 or 21 verse 27 If you can't find it it just is an explanation of a how people can look pretty on the outside but on the inside they are like a rotten tomb. Anyways... I had the privilege to hear his testimony. The spirit bore witness during his testimony of a few good things I can start to do. I don't remember all of them specifically but I have them written down. He's the kind of missionary I would love to become while I'm here. He's going to BYU and I asked him to look up Seth when he gets back. 
I love you guys! I hope you guys enjoy conference! its going to be interesting to see who are the new apostles. Talk about a overwhelming calling.
Elder Neifert

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