Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Arrived in Guatemala

Dear Familia,
I made it! I met up with some Elders and Sisters in Los Angeles. Thank you for youre prayers, and for the list of emails. I did sit next to a young man on the way to Los Angeles and we talked for quite a while about what we believe as Mormons. He had some good questions. He did stump me a couple of times, but I think he took some good knowledge away from our conversation. He was a baptist who doesnt believe in baptism. We talked about Nicodemus and why batptism was necessary. And on the way to Guatemala I sat next to a latino man who asked me to say a prayer before we took off which was pretty neat. I dont have much time to write!
 We write home on different days during the week so don't worry if you don't get any emails on Monday. Just make sure to write on Sunday before the week begins. I love you guys!  It's good to be here! I'm excited to learn from the BEEESSSST!

Elder Neifert

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