Monday, June 22, 2015

Coffee, Ward Party, and Escogidos


Gracias por the update! Sounds like a groovy party - youth conference, the temple, and all that's going on!  I'm not super good at remembering birthdays and special days, so thank you! I wish we had a long trek like Rebekah will have. I think those kind of experiences are super good testimony builders. And also really memorable. 
 Yeah Rebekah!!!!! (She gave a talk in church on the Proclamation to the World on the Family.) That's super awesome! The Proclamation to the World is pretty awesome. Even if you don't believe its revelation you can see that, it's pretty special. 

Alright, lets get down to the neety greeety! This week - we were going to baptize this weekend but the hermana drank coffee. So we are working with her on that. We gave here spiritual medicine. Reading, praying, and no coffee. Sometimes I feel like confiscating their coffee! If I did that to all our investigators we would have a bunch... a bunch. More than I'd like to have.

We had a ward activity on Wednesday and our ward is super funny. Everyone loves lip sinking. BAHAHAHAHA!! Super hilarious. They had like 5 different people get up on the stage and lip sing famous Latino songs while dancing. They dressed up and all. I wish I video taped it. It was really interesting. Me and my companion were laughing pretty hard. Even though our ward is a little weird they are really great. I think a little weirdness never hurt anybody.

The work is moving on in our area. In one day, we found a good number of new investigators. They are escogidos or people that are ready to change. With these experiences I've felt that these people are being prepared - whether by angels, other people, missionaries, etc. But people are opening up to the gospel because this is the Lord's work and nothing can stop it. Its been going on since the beginning. To bring to pass the eternal life of man. I know that the church is true. My testimony is pretty simple especially in Spanish, but they are things I know and feel.

I love your guts and your example!
Keep on reading the scriptures. There are so many little truths and testimony builders of the church, and of Jesus Christ.
Elder Neifert

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