Tuesday, June 16, 2015

More Happy

Wow! I love that! One of my teachers in the CCM taught that we cannot grow if we are in our comfort zone. If we are laying on the couch watching movies or other stuff like that. Only when we are sweating, walking up hills every day! We walk up and down this valley of San Marcos multiple times everyday. Down to the valley... up the other side... and back up to our house. I think my walking skills have doubled. Sometimes we run because we walk all the time. I love that story about the rain boots. I can do more of that because I cannot always say all that I want to.

This week was a good one! I am pretty sure that we will have 2 or 3 baptisms this change. I hope they hold out! One of the big troubles almost everyone here needs to overcome is coffee. I remember asking a hermana "how are you doing with the palabra de sabiduria (Word of Wisdom)?"  She said, "I only drank once." My companion asked "once this week?" She then said "no, once today."  Haha Everybody loves it. Her mom was baptized last change and she had the same problem. I think she's going to help her daughter out. We have a big bag of coffee of maiz. Its not coffee coffee its a substitute that's okay to drink. I think I have learned a lot of spanish since I've been here. I can speak  a little bit better than I can understand. Everyone here uses slang and they have different accents. But I can understand my companion really well. I really like something he always says in lessons. We invite people to come to Christ - not to us. Because we are imperfect. Christ is who we all need more of in our lives. One of the best ways to come to Christ is by baptism! We receive a remission of our sins, we promise with Heavenly Father we will follow His Son, and with this we can receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, a companion we can have constantly. John 14:17-18 We aren't alone in this life! We cannot see Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ physically but we can feel of their love through the Holy Ghost. Love, peace, warm, full, and just right. I cannot say that these feelings I have been able to feel in my life have come from myself and deny the Holy Ghost. That's no bueno. Thanks to the gift of the Holy Ghost I can be directed in what I need to say and where I need to go and where not to go. I need to search the Holy Ghost more. That's a rockin' missionary, someone who is reverent and has good spiritual ears.

I talked with a man yesterday about why he believes in Jesus Christ. He told me how he didn't really believe before. Then he had a personal experience with the Holy Ghost. He was in a church just praying to know that God and Jesus Christ exist. He described all the fruits of the spirit in Galatians 5:22.  I love hearing peoples stories of the feelings of the spirit. They help me remember what I myself have felt. The Church is true. Christ was born for us, suffered for us, and died for us. He gave His life, so I can give 2 years. It really is a blessing to be here. Through Him our spots can be as white as snow. What an awesome feeling that can be?! Work great in the service of God. Helping to bring people to Christ. There isn't anything I could be doing to make me more happy!
 I love you guys!

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