Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cowboys at Church and Some Photos!!

I took some pictures, but they were last minute so they are just of things you can see from our casa. I really haven't brought my camera out at all, but I will take some pictures with my face in it for next week.

 My apartment:
Girls camp! That's a pretty cool theme this year mom! I think you're a pretty awesome instrument.  I love being an instrument too. It feels weird being a missionary because I have thought about being a missionary my whole life and now I'm here! I have to say it's not what I imagined. Its better! It is what you make it, too. The blessings we receive and the joy we feel as a missionary is almost incomparable because we are eternally making a difference.
Alright this week has been pretty great. Lots of walking and talking. We have some good investigators we just need to teach more. Probably my favorite lesson we had with someone was with this woman - Odelia Crus and four kids Dennis, Samuel, Allison, and Daniel. Anyways they were playing in this wooded area. We started talking to Odelia; looking for a way we could talk with her and the kids. Found some rocks in the woods to sit on. And all the kids came to listen! So there we were in the woods sitting on rocks in at circle. Pretty rad! I believe we talked about the restoration. Either Restoration or the gospel of Jesus Christ. Either way it was a good lesson because we taught pretty well, I could feel the spirit and the family on the rocks listened and participated. I'm looking forward to talking to them again. And all the kids are 9 and older! So we hit the jackpot. Good day.
This Sunday was a pretty good day. It was Stake Conference here and Elder Cordon from the seventy came to speak. To be honest, I don't know what he said. But it was a good talk. I've gotten to a point were I can understand a lot, but I have a hard time understanding context and the connection between each sentence. Another reason why this Sunday was really good was because our investigator came to church. David, this 74 year old man who is Catholic. Out of all our investigators he was ready when we stopped by his house to get him. Honestly, I'm not sure why he was so ready, but he is! We are going to focus more on him, I think. Because he's willing to keep the commitments. I'm excited to see what will happen with him.

This week I realized how much there is to learn from the scriptures. There are so many little testaments in the scriptures that this church is true... and the scriptures don't lie. I love you guys.

Scripture study on! Spirit on!
Elder Neifert

 And an excerpt from the email he sent his dad:
 We have had a good second week here. We've had some really good lesson and some new good investigators. Like David Ayala who is 74. We haven't taught him many times but out of all the investigators we invited to church(and stopped by their house Sunday morning) he was the only one sitting outside his house dressed and ready to go. The only one who went to church out of 6 or 7 people. He reminded me of Grandpa Whatcott. Cowboy hat, fat cowboy buckle, and a little short. Afterwards he said he really liked it. The church building itself is a selling point of being a member. Its a brand new two story church building. Almost every other church in our area meets in a little house like room. I think he like the building, but most importantly I think he felt the spirit. I love you man.  
Elder Neifert

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