Monday, February 22, 2016

It's Hot in El Salvador

Greetings Family,
Well its been hot. Have you ever woken up drenched? (not having used the bathroom but having sweated all of the NIGHT) OO-da-lolly - it's an oven and is just getting started too. I hear it will be even hotter in March. So here are some pictures I took from the top of our house (didn't come through!).
The week was good. There are a lot of challenges. I've taken like 6 one hour bus rides this week. We have been doing interchanges a bunch. There are some good Elders in my district. Just about every one comes from a different country. Guatemala, Columbia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, and the United States. Great group of diversity. And every one says that Christ came to their country hahaha. Who knows. I'm reading in the Book of Mormon - finishing the words of Nephi. Man, he has some great closing words. "It's what the Lord has commanded me and I must obey." Something to that effect. But he left some really powerful things to end with. Really awesome final testimony.
For service we have been diggin' holes for bathrooms. Its good work. Doing our dead guy duty. 
The food is soooooo different. Yes the popusas still are here but there is a bunch of weird stuff. I ate chicken feet the other day and I ate chicken throat, and another part I didn't know what it was. There's a lot more variety here. Back in the city people just ate eggs, cooked bananas, blended beans, and bread. Here I've eaten pasta, different cheeses, different tortillas, different salsas, and a bunch of stuff I don't know the origin. 
Covenants are so important. Keeping our covenants is a big challenge because it means giving everything. Serving with all of our might mind and strength. The first covenant we made is really well explained in Mosiah 18, but they all come together to make the everlasting covenant. All the ordinances of the gospel from baptism and confirmation to going to do baptisms for the dead, to receiving the Aaronic priesthood, to receiving your patriarchal blessing, receiving the Melchizedek priesthood, receiving the Endowment and then being Sealed in the Temple and renewing all of that every week with the sacrament is the everlasting covenant. Lots of things we need. We better get going on all of the ordinances. They all are very very important if we are to live as God lives.
I know it's true. This is the only church where you will find priesthood, where you will find all of the ordinances of the gospel, where you will find a Prophet, where you will find the true doctrine of Christ. If we really know what we have and we study the doctrine of Christ it just makes membership of any other church seem small. Its like when Christ asks the twelve, John 6:67, " Will ye also go away?" and Simon Peter responds in 68"... To whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life." Its true. I love the scriptures! They are so fulfilling. They help me repent. I need to repent everyday.  I love to humble myself before the Lord. He gives me peace and comfort. 
Spirit up!
Elder Neifert

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