Monday, February 1, 2016

Leaving my First Area

Alright the update:
 We had a baptism and confirmation this week! Hermana Lorena. She's doing great. I could feel the spirit as we laid our hands upon her head to give her the Holy Ghost. We are working on a few others for next month well this month now!
We were able to finish this week pretty well. We found lots of new investigatores (investigators). We had a family home evening at a members house with investigators. IT WAS GREAT: The investigators feel a lot better about joining the church now.
We are going through a few changes here. They called last night and said "Well, Elder Neifert you have changes." I will be someplace else this week. I will be either leaving tomorrow or Wednesday. I have served in this area for something like 8 months. Give or take a little. Its been 6 changes. I feel nervous and a little sad. This is the first time I've had changes before. Who knows where I will be.
I will be leaving my beloved companion Elder Clawson. He is a really great guy. I'm super happy that I was his companion in the mission. We've got some hunting / sasquatch searching / monopoly plans we he gets back.
It feels weird that I will be 20. I don't feel too old. The mission has gone by super fast. 
Anyways, I love you guys! 
I know the Lord really is behind the changes. Hes got a really good plan for us.
Elder Neifert

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