Monday, February 29, 2016

Scariest E-mail from El Savador Yet

Hey mom,

Don't worry about me.
Everything is just going fine.
I like how humble the people are. 
The challenge is attendance to church.
I was able to feel the spirit this week in a lesson we had with Alex Turcios. We just were talking about the answers we receive from God and he told us his story. He had dreams about the church. He had a dream he was in the church as a member, and he also had a dream that he was sick. He dream that when he called out for help, he called us. He started to weep as he told us his story. I was able to feel the spirit and I felt so grateful for the help the Lord has offered. 
We are teaching the Turcios family, Herrera family, Escobar family, Coca family, and Felipe.
This week we were at the zone leaders house for a little. We were looking for baptismal clothes. We got into the bag of clothes and started sorting through which shirt would fit Gustavo. I pulled out a few shirts getting just about to the last one and I felt this big pain in the finger. Like a bee sting. I put the shirt down and started the pain walk just kinda pacing while holding my hand. My companion unfolded the shirt and there lay ready to strike again a a a a a a.......... Scorpion. I got stung! It hurt pretty bad. I just started to feel numb everywhere. The venom was just like the drugs that the dentists use. We killed the scorpion and I ate it! It's suppose to help. Bahah, just kidding!!! I just took some medicine and the effects have slowly been going away. Now I can say I've been stung by a scorpion.
I love you guys,
Elder Neifert

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