Monday, August 3, 2015

E-mail to his Sister

 I've had the thought of writing in my journal lately! I wrote every night in the MTC, but in the field I haven't written at all. I will start today! And I will tell ya all about it.

Yes, I do love to dance on my bed! (his sister and nieces were having a dance which the niece stopped mid dance move and told her mom "Uncle Aaron likes to dance on his bed, mom!")
I bet that was fun! This past week I was eating at a members house and they have two little girls who look just like E and E. It made me think about you guys.

A thought came to my mind - a solution for someone who struggling is reading the scriptures personally. If they do that, they can have a stronger testimony and can receive guidance in turbulent times.  That's how the investigators change their hearts, by feasting on the words of Christ. We had this investigator who was ready for baptism but she doesn't like to read. She's turned down time and time again opportunities to read. Its also one of the factors in menus actives (less actives). 1- they don't go to church, and 2 - almost one hundred percent they aren't reading The Book of Mormon.

I love you,

Elder Neifert

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