Monday, August 10, 2015

David Ayala's Baptism

 I saw someone with a small guitar case and asked if it was a ukulele but it was some other type of instrument. I don't know if I will find one to be able to sing "How can I Be". But if I can't find a uke I will try to learn on the harmonica. I would love that mom! Thank you! But I have been singing! I'm in a mission choir that's preparing to sing for a general authority that will come on the 22. Rumor has it that it be Elder Bednar or Elder Holland.  But I also sang for the baptism of David Ayala and also for sacrament meeting yesterday! I think my voice has changed since I haven't sung in choir for a while.  

 Rebekah! What are your classes like and who are your teachers? Tell me about what you're up to sister Friend! Parkway North is a good place and really there are teachers there that care about your well being which is pretty awesome. Like Mrs. McCorkle or Mr. Johnson, or Mrs. Spanish teacher I forgot her name but it starts with a "t"! There's a lot more. But if I were to do High School over again I would have studied harder! I  I would try to share my testimony more. (READ MY SCRIPTURES AND PRAY EVERY NIGHT) Really it was hard to do that but God loves us and he can talk to us and instruct us through the scriptures. And a simple prayer can change your day. Rebekah I love you! I pray for you every night. I know God loves you more than you can imagine.

We baptized David Ayala! and he's really starting to be more and more auto sufficient. Days after his baptism, we passed by this house and he was inside SHARING THE GOSPEL! We taught him and his neighbor Rafael. Really this is the best was to do missionary work - through the members. In this change we found some good people that came from references the members had for us! Really teaching the friends of the members helps the members and their friends.   They get excited about the gospel and they can find joy in helping someone join the Kingdom of God on earth.

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