Monday, August 24, 2015

"How can I be Baptized?"

This week was a good one. We got a bigger area. There use to be two pairs of missionaries in the ward, but now its just me and Elder Lopez. So our part of the vineyard just doubled in size! It's a good opportunity to talk to new people and find lots more to teach. We are preparing our investigadores for baptism. Jesus Hernandez will be baptized this Wednesday! And a lot of our investigatores went to church. We have found and will continue to find prepared people. This work is pretty exciting! Lots of good people here who need what we have. One person we found named Selia asked us a question that took me back a little. She asked how she could be baptized! That was the first time anyone has said that to me. She's reading the Book of Mormon, and looking to support her family in ways beyond food and shelter. Its one of the tender mercies I've seen this week. Really there are a lot of little tender mercies that have come from the Lord-so many. I gave a talk yesterday and I prepared every word I would say. I got up to speak and I didn't look down once to see my notes. Just to read the scriptures. I talked about the significance of the prodigal son, the missionary objective, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a thrilling experience to be prepared to talk and feel the spirit even though I was a little nervous before. Prior to getting up to talk I offered a simple prayer to help me say what He would have me say, and to comfort me as I talked. It was a testimony builder that He answers my prayers and He comforts me and makes up for my shortcomings. I know there is a God. Every time I look up at the sky I'm amazed at how beautiful and organized everything is. It didn't just happen. Everything is organized with laws. Its what keeps everything in balance. 
Elder Neifert

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